Making a bridge between Artists & Models

The Problem

Artists are consonantly searching for models to help them with their newest projects. It is very frustrating to find the perfect model for each project. Many Students in Art schools look for models to finish their final projects. 

Meanwhile we have models who are searching for safe and paid gigs around the area.  

The Solution

“Collab” is a brand new app that connects artists and models. This app allows them to find talents in an easy way. It also helps the models to find jobs and gigs in a secure way. “Collab” asks every single user to submit a portfolio, so the users can judge the gig based on the artist’s or model’s work. The app allows for in-app messaging and secure payments. Also the users are rated based on their previous work. 


Kevin Thompson

23 years old male

Salary: 40k-50k


Lives in Los Angelos 



  • Build a strong portfolio 

  • Get connected with new models

  • Find reliable models who are professional

  • Being able to see the model's portfolio before working with them.


  • He can not find reliable models

  • His budget is limited

  • Many models bail at him

On boarding Experience

  • Sign up easily by submitting your work 

  • Select what type of an artist you are so the app can match better models for you

Homepage of a Model

  • The user is greeted by simple navigation that is not hidden. 

  • Based on the research these are most important features the user care about.

Browsing Talents

  • The user can easily browse talents and scroll to see more of their pictures

  • The user can see some of the most important information about that model before tapping on their profile.

Color Palette