Partner Gym Buddy

The Problem

Many people would like to lose weight or get in shape but they do not find the motivation to do so. Some people do not like to workout alone and going to the gym seems boring to them. The challenge is to motivate people to find partners around their area who can be their Gym Buddy.

The Solution

Partner is a mobile app that invites people to work out together. This gym buddy app gives you the opportunity to find and connect with likewise people around you. Some of the features of this app is being able to filter the search and find the locals around you. The app also have a feed section that can motivate the user to get active. 


Silvia Johnson

27 years old female

Salary: 90k-110k


Lives in San Francisco

Computer Science Engineer


  • Get in shape

  • Get motivated to keep her diet

  • Find some friends who are into fitness

  • Being able to search specifically for Yoga Partners


  • She loses motivation half way

  • Her friends are not on diet and it is hard for her to keep it up in front of them

  • She can not find new friends who likes to work out

  • Find it hard to talk to people in the Gym 

Get started fast and easy

  • Easily Log in or sign up

  • The User instantly is greeted by what they want

  • The pins in the map shows the available partners 

  • The User can change the view mode easily

Have it your way

  • The user can Filter the results easily

  • The user have control on age, sex, and location of the partner they are searching for. (These aspects were the most important ones through my research)

  • The Chat is standard and simple

  • The friendly UI make it approchable for the user to relate to chatting with other users

Start a conversation

Take a peek

  • Easily follow the other users

  • Learn more about your partner by reading their summary and what they are looking for

  • Take a quick peek at your gym buddy's recent activity, likes and stats 

Make it Personal

  • Create your profile your own way

  • Personalized your profile by writing a summary and what type of gym buddy you are looking for 

Get Inspired

  • Partner has a feed section filled with inspiration.

  • Like and follow the posts as you scroll down.

  • Create a new post and share a gym selfie or your new healthy food.

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