Raise Social App for Parents

The Problem

Many young parents lose their friends once they have a child, they cannot find like-minded people. Being a parent is challenging and there are not many products that re designed for parents to find what they want. Parents have a hard time finding friends that they can connect with. 

The Solution

“Raise” is a brand new mobile app that connects parents together. “Raise” is for parents to grow their community and meet up with new parents who are just like them. Some of the features of this app are finding events, having a chat system, and posting on the feeds. I started this project by researching the market and making surveys for parents to take. I then addressed the most common and pressing concerns of the users. 


Suzan Wang

36 years old female

Salary: 40k-60k


Lives in Chicago



  • Find new moms around the area

  • Make friends who have kids

  • Ask for some parenting tips

  • Hang out in events some weekends 


  • Most of her friends do not have kids so she has to stay home alone with her baby

  • She feels isolated with her community

  • Can not find any events to attend around her area

  • The filters are all based on the user interviews

  • Everything is 100% customizable

Making sure you match with the right people

Easy way to match parents

with similar hobbies

Indicates if the person

is online or offline

Chat and connect quickly

  • Easily chat with users 

  • Ask Questions and Tips

  • Send pictures to your new friends

  • Get notified when someone messages you

Iconography & Colors