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The Goal

The Solution

I was the only UX Designer at waggle, and we were trying to make an inspiring product that is simple and easy to use. Our goal was to bring a fun and engaging streaming app that was designed for animal lovers.

Waggle is a live streaming app for animal lovers. Waggle is more than a smart phone app, it is a community full of people who dearly care about animal rights, and pets. Waggle is social, fun, and innovative. It has a special place for every single user who care about animals.


Lilian Alexander

17 years old female

Salary: 20k-30k


Lives in Florida



  • Make a social media page for her dog

  • Meet different dog lovers

  • Be the best dog owner that she can be

  • Attend new events about animals in her area


  • Instagram is too broad for her animal and the competition is very high

  • She can barely find other people who love dogs as much as she does.

  • She can not find friends for her dog. 

Waggle is here to save the day

Watch Cute Live Streams

  • The user interact with the streamer/ chat/ like or send a sticker that is designed by waggle.

  • The user can also follow the streamer to get notified.

  • The user gets a new video by simply scrolling down

Level up!

  • The user can collect different badges based on how much love their stream gets and how many followers they have.

  • The user testing showed people were more engaged and inspired.

The Streamer's view

  • The streamer can change the camera to selfie mode whenever they want.

  • The streamer can interact with the chat via voice and typing.

  • The streamer gets alerts and notifications when they hit different milestones.

Color Palette


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